5 Kids Therapy uses for Cubefun

5 Kids Therapy uses for Cubefun

Since launching my kids educational toy product on to the market in 2021 I have received some wonderful feedback from professionals within the Children’s Healthcare sector. 

Kids therapists are finding cubefun a fantastic resource to use within their toolkits and i’m delighted to receive their reviews and share these with parents and other professionals through my social platforms and dedicate this blog post to letting people know how cubefun can help their children through the different kids therapy uses. 


  1. Occupational Therapy  –  Cubefun will get them moving their bodies more and in a fun way. Encouraging the development of Gross Motor Skills. 
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“As an OT I think these cubes are fantastic. They are a brilliant way to encourage the development of gross motor skills through running, jumping, crawling etc which help build muscle tone, work on co-ordination, motor planning, spatial awareness and proprioception. They are great for encouraging turn taking and building on social skills as well as for boosting cognitive development as the child learns to follow instructions. On top of all of that what a fantastic way to boost confidence and self esteem in a fun and interactive game!”

2. Paediatric Physiotherapy – being able to move easily and successfully is essential for learning and growing.  Cubefun  encourages movement through playfulness and creativity allowing kids to explore their bodies and the world around them. 

” An excellent resource for the rehab setting. Gets even the most reluctant kids moving”

kids occupational therapy

3. Speech & Language Therapy  – supporting the development of speech and language through action words and imitation. 

Suzanne from the Babbling Book Club left a wonderful review for the use of these cubes within a Speech and Language setting and check out her Instagram Page were she explains in detail these benefits .

speech and language therapy
“These cubes are fantastic fun and there is so much learning happening too. As a speech and language therapist I have made cubes like these out of cardboard boxes in the past because they are wonderful for supporting attention, movement breaks, following directions, understanding action words, improving vocabulary and lots more. No more making cubes for me! Caitrin has come along with a brilliant product for all kiddies to enjoy and have the craic at the same time! Highly recommend!”

4. Play Therapy/ Special Educational Needs – some children cant adequately express themselves in an adults world. Toys allow them to communicate in their own way. Cubefun has been used in play therapy as well as with kids who have additional needs like autsim and down syndrome. As explained by Sabrina…


“I bought this lovely little cube a few months ago. In my role providing intervention support to parents of autistic children, using the cube has been a great way of gaining attention and building relationships especially with non verbal children. The cube is bright and colourful, I bought the farm animal one. We use it at the start of sessions to create engagement and practice our gross motor skills (sometimes with siblings and Mum/Dad) joining in. Would highly recommend to parents as a way of building and sustaining attention, developing turn taking skills and also to have fun and just be silly 😊”

5.Physical Therapy –  25% of kids aged between 2 and 15 in Northern Ireland are overweight or obese. This is a shocking statistic and one as a parent that scares me. Covid 19 drastically reduced my kids activity levels which is why I created the game Cubefun. To see it now being used as part of physical exercise and sports classes for young children makes me so happy. Antrim Play Ball where one of my first customers and they had this to say about the cubes. 

kids workout toy/game

“Great for kids of all ages. We use them in our sport fundamental class and kids absolutely love them… your only limit to its use is your own imagination”


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