5 Ways to Organise your Kids Playroom

5 Ways to Organise your Kids Playroom

A playroom was top of my non-negotiables when I was buying my house 4 years ago. I also should have had  a cleaner on that non negotiables list. The playroom quickly became my worst nightmare. The kids just saw it as a dumping ground for every toy they owned. They also wouldn’t play in it when it was messy. I couldnt live like that so this is how I made my playroom exactly that. A playroom that kids liked to play in and happily tidied when finished for the day.Wa


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  1. Toy Rotation – as a new parent you have no idea of how quickly toys can take over your house. Once you do then begin toy rotation and get the kids involved. Too many toys doesn’t mean more play, it usually means the opposite. So decide on what toys can be put away and stored and then every few months rotate them out and continue doing this as they pass through different learning/playing stages. 

2. Art Supplies – My kids are aspiring artists and spend most of their time drawing , it has become quite the obsession thanks to arthub. Huge amounts of paper with drawings quickly pile up . I bought clip lights and hung them in the playroom. They give the room a lovely ambience in the winter but are dual purpose as they also display the kids artwork. Having their art pieces on display gives them a great sense of pride and they enjoy deciding what pieces make it on to the display. The rest of the artwork is boxed up and stored away. I have a ginormous collection but it is a weakness of mine. I can’t bring myself to throw out their creations. 

3. Lego Storage – It really should come with warning signs. The pain of standing on a lego brick is like no other. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of organising legos and my tip is don’t bother. If they have loose lego just keep it all in one box forget trying to organise it. If they have completed pieces then have a home for them. There is nothing more annoying than completed pieces getting broken,  never to be made up again. I also recommend having a storage box for all the instructions.

4. Books – I quickly realised that how you store books makes a difference to kids interest in them. Think about how nurseries/schools/book fairs display their books?! They are displayed face fronting for a reason – kids judge a book by its cover. Use some picture shelving to display books and again rotate out from normal storage so that the kids are inspired to read them

5. Multi-Use Storage – Again when it comes to storage you can never have enough if you have kids. So when you want some new furniture always think can this be multi functional. One of my best buys was a foot stool that has storage. It’s where we can keep the games that we play as a family together in the living room and no other toys are allowed to be tidied away in it. 

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