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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that effects how children communicate and interact with others. Children with autism may have difficulty with social interaction and communication, and may benefit from specialized toys and resources that support their development. What are the best autism friendly toys though?

Sensory play is particularly important for children with autism as it helps them understand and process sensory information in a fun and engaging way. Sensory toys such as textured balls, sensory bottles and senory playdough can help children with autism develop their sense of touch, sight and smell. Sensory rooms and sensory circuits, which include movement stations and activities, can also help children with autism develop their sense of movement and balance. 

autism friendly toys

Communication is also an important aspect of development toys such as communication boards and social stories can help children with autism learn and understand social cues andW communication. Augmentative and alternative communication devices can also be helpful for children with autism who have difficulty with verbal communication. 

When looking for autism friendly toys, it’s important to keep in mind the child’s interests and abilities. Some children with autism may enjoy traditional toys such as blocks or puzzles, while others may prefer more sensory based toys such as squishy balls or fidget spinners. It’s also important to consider the child’s age, as some toys may be more appropriate for older children while others may be better suited for younger children. 

Toys for autistic kids should engage children though sensory play and communication, they should be safe for them to play and the best toys are those that appropriate for their age and interests. 

If you are on the search for an autism friendly toy, please consider Cubefun to gift to Neurodivergent children. 


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