Cube Fun – A Jungle Theme Party Game

CubeFun – A Jungle Theme Party Game

Are you planning a jungle/safari party and looking for a fun and exciting game to keep your little guests entertained? Look no further.

Bringing the fun and excitement of the jungle to your kids party with cubefun. 

Cubefun is the newest addition to the world of children’s toys, designed to help children grow and develop in a fun and exciting way, it is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. 


Jungle party

“What a great product! I have bought 6 so far as gifts as they have all been a roaring success.Each cube is such a simple yet clever educational game, getting little ones moving and away from screens. Whats not to like. Super Idea.

Moira McShane

It can be used to play lots of different games, why not try these jungle themed party games;

  1. Jungle Scavenger Hunt: Hide the 6 jungle animals that are on the cube, using stuffed animals, pictures of animals or even animal themed snacks. Get the kids to take turns throwing the dice and then searching for the matching animal that is hid around the party area. 
  2. Jungle Statues: Get the kids to take turns throwing the cube and then they have to try and make the best statue of the animal that is rolled 
  3. Sleeping Lions: This is a fun and interactive game that will have your guests roaring with laughter. Have the kids lie down on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. The last person to move or laugh wins a prize. 

Amazing for young children. Sparks their imaginations and also shows them the animals they can be."


jungle theme party game

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