Cube Fun – A Gross Motor Activity Dice

CubeFun – A Gross Motor Activity Dice

Between March and August 2020 when we were in lockdown and restricted in what we could do I spent a lot of time playing with my boys. It was during this time that I came up with the idea for a game for my own kids to play that is now an actual educational play resource ; Cube Fun.

The initial purpose was to get my kids physically moving more whilst stuck at home but doing it in a fun way. It wasn’t until I started doing market research that I realised that the benefits of this type of play were very important for a kid’s development and my gross motor activity dice could help them develop these skills in a fun way.

I read lots of articles on the importance of play, why play is beneficial, what play is, why play is learning, how play encourages kids to communicate. I found it totally fascinating, mainly because the things I was doing at home I considered only to be play and not very important. How wrong was I. I am not a teacher or educator , I am a mum who wanted to make my kids time at home during lockdown fun and entertaining. Little did I realise that my simple game was providing them with so many learning opportunities.

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“Great for homes schools, EY services, pre schools, health centres. Such a brilliant resource!

Suzanne, The Babbling Book  Club (Speech Therapist)

On launching my product on to the market in August of this year I was delighted to get so much positive feedback from mums and kids. However what really surprised me was the feedback from professionals who worked with kids, from occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, play therapists, early years teachers and Special Education Need (SEN) educators. They loved my product and thought it was a fantastic educational play resource that could be used within their toolkits. 

To receive this sort of feedback made me feel so proud of the toy/resource I had created. It was only a year ago that this idea was just that… an idea. To look back and see how much I’ve done in that short space of time is something I’m super proud of and I hope to continue to receive positive feedback and develop even more themes for kids to play with in the future. Come follow me on Instagram and Facebook and watch the journey unfold. 

“I’m using this cube for educational purposes, from 2 year olds to 12 year olds and they are learning so much vocabulary from them, and having so much fun: these are spanish children learning english.”
Margaret, English Language School, Madrid

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