Keeping kids Active and Healthy with Fun Exercise Toys

As parents, we all want our kids to be healthy and active. However getting kids to exercise can often be a challenge. That’s where exercise toys come in! Active toys like Cubefun make exercise fun and engaging, encouraging kids to get up and move more.

When it comes to kids exercise toys, there are plenty of options to choose from. From hopscotch mats to hula hoops, theres something for every childs interest and skill level. But what are the best kids workout options out there?

Kids exercise toy

A popular option is a skipping rope. Not only is a skipping rope a great cardiovascular workout, but its also a fun and easy exercise that kids can do on their own or with friends.

Another great option is a Flying a kite. Kite flying is a fun challenging game for kids. The race to launch a kite will have the kids using hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills and all that running and jumping around will of course benefit their physical health. 

For kids who prefer games, there are plenty of fun workout games for healthy kids to play:

Simon Says is a classic game that gets kids moving and following directions, while cubefun encourages kids to skip, jump and hop.

Creating an obstacle course is another fun option that can be played indoors or out, use boxes, hula hoops and cones for kids to navigate through.

girl jumping from a large tyre to another in a fun exercise game

If you’re looking for easy fitness games to do at home, there are plenty of options to choose from. A scavenger hunt, a game of red light green light, balloon volleyball. You can also create a workout routine using fun exercises like star jumps, knee highs and toe touches. 


There are plenty of fun kids fitness games and exercise toys available that can keep kids active and healthy. Whether your child prefers games or toys, there’s something out there to get them moving and having fun. So let’s encourage our kids to get up and move more with fun exercises and activities that they’ll love!

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