Keeping Kids Engaged in the Classroom

As educators we all know that keeping pupils engaged and motivated is key to their learning and development. And what better way to do that than by incorporating a fun classroom resource ? That’s where Cubefun comes in.

Cubefun is a new innovative educational toy, a soft plush cube with themed designs that promotes spatial awareness, physical movement, colour recognition, turn taking and gross motor skills. It’s an excellent resource for educators who are looking for an interactive and fun way to keep their pupils engaged and motivated.

But how exactly can Cubefun be used in the classroom? Here are just a few ways:

active play

1.Physical Education; Cubefun can be used to introduce children to different types of movements and exercises. By following the llustrations on the cube, children can learn how to run, jump, wiggle and more. 

2.Language Development; Cubefun can be used to improve children’s language skills. By asking children to describe the actions illustrated on the cube, educators can help children to expand their vocabulary and improve their descriptive skills.

3. Social Skills; Cubefun can be used to promote turn-taking and co-operation. Children can take turns using the cube and working together to complete the actions illustrated on it. 


Fun classroom resource

4. Problem-Solving skills; Cubefun can be used to improve children’s problem solving skills. By asking children to come up with new ways to use the cube, educators can help children think creatively and critically. 

5. Imagination; Cubefun can be used to promote imaginative play. Children can come up with their own stories and scenarios based on the illustrations on the cube, encouraging them to use their imagination. 

As you can see, Cubefun is a versatile and valuable resource for educators. It’s not only a fun classroom resource for children, but it also helps them to develop important skills that will benefit them in their learning journey. So, if you’re looking for a way to add some fun and interactive elements to your classroom, consider incorporating Cubefun into your lesson plans. If you sign up to Cubefun’s newsletter you will also receive a Free 24 Page Colouring Book that can be used alongside your pupils learning. 

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