National Start Up Awards

To be shortlisted as a finalist in the National Start Up Awards has given me a huge confidence boost. 

It has cemented for me that my product is a valuable educational toy that can help kids of all ages. 

As a part of the process I had to complete an Elevator Pitch and I’m sharing it here.


Elevator Pitch for the National Start Up Awards

Let me ask you this, Do you struggle to control the amount of time your kids spend on screens.

Do you worry about screen time affecting your kids activity levels ?

If you answered yes then let me tell you, you are not alone.

Covid -19 has more than doubled the amount of time we were spending on screens and massively reduced our  activity levels which is why I created CubeFun.

Hi my names Caitrin Kincaid and I’m the creator and owner of CubeFun- a new innovative educational soft toy that gets kids moving more .

A simple no fuss game that is played like a large dice and then the kids copy the actions displayed.

I launched the product in august 2021 with 4 themes: farm, jungle, minibeast and exercise and have sold over 450 units.

I want to make health and fitness fun for young kids whilst also engaging them in learning.
My goal is to get kids back to being kids , reduce their screen time and improve their activity levels .



National Start Up Awards

The second part of the National Start Up Awards process was to tell the judges why I should win. 

It’s not easy to sing your own praises or to explain exactly the reasons why I should be selected. 

I thought the best way was to explain the business achievements I was proud of to date and then convince them that my vision for the business was forward thinking and entrepenurial. 

Educational Game

The Vision

for 2022



Ballymena Business

Since launching in August 2021 I have secured 8 local stockists in Northern Ireland and plan to double this by the end of 2022. 

I am currently developing a Space Themed Cube, A Dinosaur Cube and a Mystical Themed Cube which I hope to launch in September 2022. 

To win the Rising Star Award would be hugely beneficial to Cubefun as it would help increase Brand Awareness as well as increase visibility and business growth. 

The big Achievements for 2022 so far are that we are now listed on Amazon UK

National Start Up Awards

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