Why Play Is Vital For Children


Why is Play Vital for Children?

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Play is essential for children’s development. It is the building block for their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

A young child holding a soft plush cube with farm animals on each face. The top face has a chicken on a green background



“Play is not a luxury. It is a necessity”


Play is vital for children’s physical development. Through play children learn about their bodies and develop their fine and gross motor skills. They learn how to run, jump, climb and balance. They also learn how to coordinate their movements and develop their dexterity. Play allows children to be active and healthy, and it is important for preventing obesity and other health problems.

But play isn’t just about physical development. It is also essential for children’s emotional and cognitive growth. Play allows children to express their emotions and learn how to regulate them. It helps them to develop their social skills, creativity and imagination. It is through play that children learn about the world around them and develop their cognitive abilities.

a 5 year old boy playing with shaving foam at the dinner table

Play is a fundamental human right for children, and it is essential for their overall well being. According to UNICEF, “play is a child’s work. It is though play that children learn and develop skills they need to navigate the world”

Unfortunately, many children around the world do not have access to safe and stimulating play environments. This is why UNICEF is committed to promoting play and protecting children’s right to play. The organisation works to create play spaces in schools and communities, and it trains educators and caregivers on the importance of play in children’s development. 

Don’t discount the benefits of play for your child/ren, play is at the core of children’s development. It is essential for their physical, emotional and cognitive growth. 

What are your kids favourite play activities?

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