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an exercise dice game, roll the dice and copy the action displayed. A fun exercise game for young kids.

Educational Game

how cube fun was born...

CubeFun is a fun children's exercise dice game to get young kids moving more. Get kids active with this exercise product.

It is fun-damentally a kids party game. It is a soft plush cube with themed designs: Farm, Jungle, Garden, Exercise showing illustrated actions for the kids to copy and move to in a fun exercise dice game.

The cube promotes spatial awareness, physical movement, colour recognition, turn taking, gross motor skills and encourages the development of young imaginations.

CubeFun is aimed at kids from 3-8 years old and is a must have resource for preschools, nurseries and creches.

Design from Exercise Dice Game
Exercise Dice Game

but how did cube fun come about?

Read on to find out how the exercise dice game idea began...

Lockdown 2020 I was a stay at home mum with a 3 and a 4 year old. Cooper and Carter were two very active boys who attended swimming, gymnastics and jiu jitsu, pre lockdown. When they could not get to the local park to burn off their excess energy, I spent lots of time outdoors on walks with them.

However taking a 3 and 4 year old for a walk, alongside main roads is no easy feat, it was fine when they would both sit in the double buggy for me but within a few months that became near impossible. They would cry and beg me to let them walk by themselves, I would give in, and spend the rest of the walk trying to manage two running kids with a double buggy in toe.

By this stage you are thinking “what has all this got to do with cubefun?” It’s coming, I promise.

So as a mummy, I knew I had to make these walks more calm for me and more fun as well as safe for the kids so that they wouldn't run off on me. I created the walk like an animal game…. I would tell the kids to walk to the next red car like a penguin, walk to the lamppost like a turtle, run to the bus shelter like a cheetah, and so began our fun walks during lockdown 2020. The kids would do the actions of the animals and I would give them a designated location to wait for me, that was not too far ahead, safe and a fun exercise game.

By the summer of 2020 I had the two boys' birthday parties coming up and as we had to have a socially distanced outdoor party I was thinking of some games that they could play with their cousins. During this time I happened to receive an amazon delivery in a perfectly cubed box. I knew I would repurpose it so I kept it and came up with the idea to draw some pictures of the animals doing the actions.

We sat and decided on what animals the boys would like on the cube box and designed a walk like a crab, hop like a frog, waddle like a duck and glued these images onto the box. The children's exercise dice game was created.

This cardboard box was brought to 4 different parties in the summer of 2020 and it was then repurposed again for a halloween themed party in october. It was here that I was encouraged to seek help in getting my idea made into a real toy for kids. I contacted go for it NI in November 2020 and as they say the rest is history.
Its July 2021 and we have just launched 4 themed products to the online marketplace.
I am beyond proud of the journey I have been on this last year and I am so grateful to have an army of supporters cheering me on.
Thank you for reading my story.

Caitrin x

exercise dice game
Exercise Dice Game
Educational Game
exercise dice game
Kids exercise toy

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